Dramatic Glamorous Eyes

How to

If you're wanting to boost your everyday makeup look a couple notches for a special occasion or you just feeling bold, here are some simple steps to achieve at glamorous Lucas sophistication and saxyness using Ardell double up lashes number 203. Primer eyelids with a neutral eyeshadow primer to help your eyeshadow from creasing. Start at the base of your lid and blend up towards your eyebrows. Pack on black shadow to your lower leg using a flat brush. Take your blending brush and apply to a natural Brown to the crease of your eyelid. Highlight your brow bone using a flat brush, apply it right below your eyebrows to brighten up the look. Using a flat brush apply shimmering took Shadow to the inner corner of your lip. To get the smoking book applied black shadow right below your lash line with a pencil brush starting at the outer corner of your eye. Take an angle brush and applies black gel liner to the top flashlight make sure you stay as close to your lash line as possible. Using ardell's eye Brow defining kit shape and darken your brows using an angle brush. Moving onto your face apply foundation using a foundation fresh blend until your skin is even. Buy concealer to the under eye circles or to any blemishes around your face. To Keep your face looking fresh throughout the day Appliance thin layer of powder all of your face using the blush brush. Contour your cheeks you think some contouring powder at a contouring brush apply the contouring powder rifle oh your cheekbones. Using a blush brush take a coral blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blood it up towards your temples, using a rose pink lip liner line around your lips and slightly shade them in. Splendor Barbie pink lipstick all over your lips. At a light pink lip gloss over your lips to give it a nice shine. At ardell's Clear brow gel to your eyebrows for a more polished look. To complete this look we use Ardell double up lashes number 203. These lashes give two times the last volume with eyelashes back and forth to make them more flexible since the baddest thicker. This will also make it easier to apply lashes. Measure the Lash against your lash line and cut the excess if necessary. Apply a thin layer of glue to the strip wait a few seconds for the blue to get tacky. We recommend using lash grip lash adhesive for best results. Lay the Lash on the center of the eye and secure the ends of the place. Now you're finished and ready to make a statement.


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